Construction Construction of residential buildings

Residential construction

From construction of multi-storey buildings, public utility housing and apartment blocks to family dwellings and youth residences, we refurbish and construct residential buildings of all kinds nationwide.

New construction or refurbishment of residential buildings

In close collaboration with you, we lead your residential construction project to a satisfactory conclusion. Whether you need new construction or refurbishment of sheltered housing, youth residences or family dwellings, we always carry out the work in close dialogue with you.

A complete package solution

When you choose us to carry out your residential construction project, you get a complete package solution.

We have in-house production of concrete work of all kinds, as well as departments with our own carpenters or bricklayers.

We also include external sub-contractors and our own subsidiaries which specialise in e.g. steel constructions, electrical installations and pre-fabricated modular construction.

We put together the team that exactly suits your task.