Our approach Streambuild

To optimise the building process we have developed a set of rules and tools for efficient construction management, which provides benefits to all parties involved. We call it StreamBuild.

The aim of StreamBuild is to create the most efficient building process

Building is a major logistics task, and so we focus on trimming the changeable and complicated processes of construction by operating rolling planning.

We register deviations when they occur and instantly launch the necessary initiatives and follow them up. In this way we ensure that the production maintains an even flow.

Building methods, people and communication

To create an overview of the entire production process, we put people and communication at the centre.

A building project involves many people who need to communicate about everything from resources and activities to logistics on the construction site and the weather, to ensure that everyone has the necessary information in order to fulfil the client's expectations.

Specific solutions, tools and principles

We have developed specific solutions, tools and principles which support the communication between partners in the building process, to ensure an efficient building process through the right organisation, timely planning, shared coordination, continuous follow-up and final evaluation.