Our approach Quality control

The processes are uniform in the quality management of our projects from start-up to hand-over. This gives you high and constant quality.

Consistent and uniform quality

It is important both to you and us that we deliver consistent and uniform quality. We have thus built up a comprehensive organisation and a number of supporting systems.

Quality management is in focus both in production and senior management. All our managers are trained internally on our project management course to ensure a uniform procedure and a high quality level.

Quality certification

At UNINOVA Construction, we are quality certified under the internationally recognized ISO 9001 standard – a set of guidelines that represent the world's most widely accepted quality system.

With the certificate, we commit ourselves to continuously show improvement and ensure that our quality control is top class.

Internal Integrated Management System

The tools for quality management are placed in our internal Integrated Management System, which is available to all staff. This helps us ensure a uniform and good hand-over of the case.

Project plans

All projects start with a project plan which ensures consistency and attention to identifying the most significant risks in the project. The project plan involves setting up a management organisation, which continuously monitors construction quality. This applies both to sub-contractors and in-house production.

Quality management of all projects

The management organisation is supervised by our QHSE department, so the project follows the requirements we make in this area for our own staff, our sub-contractors and suppliers.

We carry out the same level of quality management on all construction projects, regardless of the client.

Internal audits

We also hold continuous internal audits to ensure that our procedures and execution methods are being followed, and that we continue to develop our quality management tools.