Our approach Customer focus

At UNINOVA we have a generally high level of customer satisfaction. Our surveys show that the key to customer satisfaction is the quality of the completed product combined with a constructive and open project process.

Systematic surveys

At UNINOVA , we constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction with the products and services we supply. We systematically survey customer satisfaction with questionnaires every time we complete a project exceeding 2 million usd.

Project management

Project managers are important to the project, both in terms of the execution and what the customer experiences. We are rated highly in this area, especially in terms of the project manager's competences and ability to involve the customer.

Most importantly, our customers see a clear connection between price and quality, and expect delivery in accordance with agreement, including handover on time.

Health and safety

Customers regard UNINOVA Construction as an environmentally conscious company with a unique skill in managing health and safety.

Satisfied customers

55 percent of our customers are core customers. They regard us as a reliable and trustworthy suppliers, and the vast majority of them would recommend us to others.

Targeted improvement

Based on our customer satisfaction surveys, we identify areas where we can strengthen our efforts to make the construction and civil engineering process a better experience for our customers.

To us, customer satisfaction is about dialogue and our ability to understand cu