Our approach Cooperation

Partnering is a form of collaboration in a building concept where the parties' expectations regarding quality, time and budget are aligned before the contract is signed.

We have many years of experience in partnering.

We have accumulated, assessed and combined our experience with more traditional forms of contract – we call it Best Practice for Partnering.

The partnering collaboration is an established procedure which ensures that all needs are identified, and the best results are achieved for you.

What is partnering?

Partnering is a collaboration between the client, contractor and consultant, which ensures efficient construction management in a building or construction project. With partnering, all parties' expectations are aligned before construction begins. It provides the opportunity to make the right decisions, achieve better results and align the price level from the start.

In a partnering agreement we can jointly:

  • make the right decisions
  • achieve better results
  • align the price level continuously
  • create efficient construction management